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Mexico is a country of unique colors, flavors, sounds, traditions and history. We say "mi casa es tu casa": our hospitality is known worldwide. The warmness of our people, its cheerfulness, professionalism and dedication make every visit to Mexico an unforgettable experience. This is why Mexico is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. In 2016, it witnessed a historical record of 35 million visitors, a 9% increase in flow of international tourists, generating revenue of almost 20 million dollars in foreign exchange. Tourism is an economic engine for Mexico, representing 9% of our GDP and providing 2.5 million jobs. The opportunities for tourists visiting Mexico are endless, comprising adventure tourism, Magical Towns, the Mayan World, 11 cities with monuments considered UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and much more. Mexico is number 1 for Sun and Beach destinations, number 2 in Luxury Travel, 1st place in Spas, and has world class infrastructure for meetings and conventions. It is also the perfect honeymoon destination! The slogan of our tourism board is "Live It to Believe It" and it perfectly embodies the experience of visiting a magical and unexpected place where there is always something else to discover.

-H.E. Ms. Melba Pría, Ambassador of Mexico to India



There is one Mission that is hardly as popular as the other flagship schemes, yet it is one that Mexico regards as completely essential for a country like India, expected to have an urban population of 600 million by 2031. This is the National Mission for Urban Housing or Housing for All by 2022. Having urbanized well before India, Mexico has remarkable experience in the field of social housing. Our institute for worker's housing, INFONAVIT, is the largest mortgage lender in Latin America. We see enormous potential to collaborate with this vision by sharing experiences, but also by opening doors to investors.

-H.E. Ambassador Ms Melba Pría, Ambassador of Mexico to India



Both India and Mexico are developing democracies working towards effective integration of their population in the digital age. One possible area of collaboration with Digital India are the campaigns for digital literacy. The World Bank indicates that India has a level of Internet penetration of around 20%. Granted, 20% of Indian population is a large number of people but mainly, it is proof that the common man is being left behind. Mexico has still work to do in this field, but we have managed to achieve a level of digital penetration around 50%. There is common ground for us to work on best ways to make our citizens digitally empowered.

-H.E. Ambassador Ms Melba Pría, Ambassador of Mexico to India



We see our own experience as highly relevant for Make in India. Mexico has successfully become a powerhouse of high-technology manufacturing, producing 50% of all advanced manufactures in Latin America. Mexico is a leading export economy and almost 83% of total Mexican exports are manufactures. As a matter of fact, we had a similar campaign in the 1960s and 1980s called "Made in Mexico", a brand which evolved to embody quality and represent one of the world's most competitive manufacturing locations.

-H.E. Ambassador Ms Melba Pría, Ambassador of Mexico to India