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JULY 2019


"Nigeria is an economic power house in Africa and presents a vast opportunity for economic cooperation and investment to all and sundry. With a landmass of almost a hundred thousand square kilometers, enormous untapped natural and diverse resources that traverse all sectors, a growing population of about 200 million of mainly youthful ages, she is the investors' destination. India stands to benefit massively from this huge potential albeit with the right investments made on a win-win basis, and without vacillation. India can make her engagement with Nigeria, nay Africa more robust by, among others, lessening red-tapism in implementing its acclaimed lines of credit, holding regular business conclaves, improving the treatment of Nigerians and Africans in general in its territory and in particular students who will become leaders tomorrow, reciprocating work permits for Nigerians alongside giving them opportunities to do legitimate business, changing the penchant of Indian businesses in Nigeria-cum Africa from short term trading to long term engagement in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, beneficiation and adding value to primary products within Nigeria itself. She can also strengthen her ties with Nigerian industry via transfer of technology."

-Maj. Gen. (Red.) Chris Sunday Eze, High Commissioner of Nigeria to India

JUNE 2019


Nigeria is currently India's largest trading partner in Africa. In tandem, Indian companies are the second largest foreign investors in the Nigerian economy, they constitute the second largest employers of labour in Nigeria's private sector after the indigenous DANGOTATE GROUP, and Indian workers comprise the highest number of expatriate workers in Nigeria. The return of PM Narendra Modi is anticipated to reinforce the policy of Africa as India's foreign policy priority and this will invariably translate to deepening relations with African countries at all fronts, and Nigeria in particular being the gateway to Africa. I therefore look forward to more robust engagements between the India and Nigeria Governments, on the one hand and their respective private sectors on the other hand in the next five years of the PM's leadership in India, all geared towards the expansion of relations between the two friendly countries for the mutual benefits of their peoples

-Maj. Gen. (Red.) Chris Sunday Eze, High Commissioner of Nigeria to India

MAY 2019


"Nigeria is Africa's largest economy and also the hub of the economy of ECOWAS, a huge market of 260 million people. It is India's biggest trading partner in Africa. With the ongoing reforms being implemented by President Mohammadu Buhari and the expected takeoff of Dangote refineries with a capacity of 650,000 barrels per day, Nigeria will be self-sufficient on refined petroleum products and other byproducts for industrial applications. That will boost her economy and make her a regional transportation hub. She will also become self-sufficient in food production with the ongoing revolution in agriculture. Indian companies are already part of that success story and we invite even more of them to invest in Nigeria"

-Maj. Gen. (Red.) Chris Sunday Eze, High Commissioner of Nigeria to India



The Indian and Nigerian militaries have maintained excellent, cordial and professional defence relations over the years through various military-to-military engagements, which include training, exchange programmes, high-level visits amongst others. At present, the defence relationship between both countries was concretised with the institution of the India-Nigera Joint Defence Cooperation (JDC) agreement in 2007, which provides a platform upon which the various thematic defence engagement issues are introduced, deliberated upon the implemented for the mutual benefit of both countries. The JDC committee meets annual and the last conference hosted by Nigeria was held from November 20-21, 2017 during which far reaching deliberations were made which would further deepen and project the India-Nigeria defence relations to greater heights.

-Maj. Gen. (Red.) Chris Sunday Eze, High Commissioner of Nigeria to India



Nigeria is open for business and investment from Foreign Investors. This has become more imperative with the reduced revenues from crude oil. Nigeria, therefore, is driving diversification of the economy and inviting foreign participation in various viable sectors including the Agriculture and the Agro Allied, Mining, Automobile, Transportation, Power, Tele- Communication, Medical, Hospitality and Tourism. Returns on investments are high compared with what obtains in Europe and Asia. Nigeria remains the most lucrative business destination in Africa for the following reasons: Abundant Resources; Large Market, as it offers the market of sub-Saharan Africa; Political Stability; Free Market Economy; Robust Private Sector; Skilled and Low Cost Labour. Investment incentives abound such as Companies Income Tax, Pioneer Status Incentives, and investment in infrastructure.

-H.E. (Mrs) Queen Imaria Worlu, Acting High Commissioner of Nigeria to India