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Why should Indian investors invest in Peru? It is because Peru has strong macroeconomic credentials, strong framework for foreign investment, open trade integration policy and market access and Investment Opportunities sustained over time. Peru has signed and currently has in force Agreements for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investment and Trade Agreements of further scope that includes investment chapters that underpin our liberalization policy. It has also signed 8 agreements to prevent double taxation with Andean Community, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Portugal and Switzerland. Peru has reduced tariff structure with low tariff dispersion and is working to become a globalized economy, with preferential access to the world's largest markets.

-H.E. Mr Jorge Juan Castaneda Mendez, Ambassador of Peru to India


According to FAO, one of the 17 goals for sustainable development is to eradicate world hunger and given that both India and Peru are centers of genetic diversity in agricultural resources, they have a great responsibility in the area of food security. Thus, among the multiple commitments that both countries should undertake, they must explore and exploit their complementary nature in the food sector. While on the one hand India is recognized for different varieties of rice and multiple species of spices, on the other hand, Peru is the territory of important superfoods which contribute to satisfy the nutritional needs of several economies and improve the quality of life of people. It is common knowledge worldwide that Peru is the center of origin of potato, with more than 3000 varieties. It is also the center of origin of quinoa, with more than 3000 ecotypes and the center of diversity of maize with the highest number of races worldwide including purple corn and the giant corn of Cusco. In addition, it is very likely that a part of the Peruvian Amazon is the place of origin of the cocoa. Many of these Peruvian Superfoods can already be found in India and others will be incorporated soon.

-Mr Luis Cabello, Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Peru



Peru with its rich and diverse geography and ancient culture is an enticing blend of ancient history and natural wonders with exciting wildlife spotting opportunities and unique sights found nowhere else on Earth, thus emerging as a magnificent holiday destination for Indian citizens. It is home to one of the world's most impressive ancient cities, Machu Picchu, which is one of the seven new wonders of the world. Peru is blessed with incredible landscapes like the coastal desert, Amazon forest, snow-capped peaks of the Andes and the turquoise waters of Lake Titicaca. Peru's diverse environments are embedded with an intriguing past. The archaeological remains of pre-Columbian cultures such as Caral, Nazca Lines, Chan Chan and Kuelap, illustrate Peru's diverse ancestral legacy.

-H.E. Mr Jorge Juan Castaneda Mendez, Ambassador of Peru to India



Peru and India are both very attractive and unique countries having huge potential for worldwide tourism, which on a bilateral basis shares the view of becoming closer through people to people contacts. As a result of such vision and due to the strengthening of bilateral relations, tourism from both sides has increased exponentially in the last few years, despite the long geographical distance between the two countries. From the side of Peru, to enhance Indian tourism is in force from April 2017, which involves a unilateral relaxation of visa rules to Indian travellers holding a visa from either United States of America, United Kingdom, Schengen countries, Australia or Canada, with a minimum validity of six months, enabling them to enter into Peru as a tourist/business traveller for 90 days.

-H.E. Mr Jorge Juan Castaneda Mendez, Ambassador of Peru to India



Peru as a mega diverse country with rich natural resources offers major investment opportunities for Indian investors particularly in Agribusiness and mining. The coastal territory of Peru is a natural greenhouse with high agricultural yields. Due to Peru's geographical location, it creates for exporters seasonal windows in major markets for organic and natural products, such as sugarcane (2nd in the world), Asparagus, Olives (3rd), Artichokes (4th), Grapes (6th) and Avocado (11th). As a poly-metallic country, Peru is one of the few in the world with non-metallic mineral deposits and is 2nd producer of copper and zinc in the world, 3rd in silver and molybdenum, 5th in diatomaceous earth and zinc; and 6th in gold. Peru has a strong framework for foreign investment and Peru gives foreign investors the same treatment as local investors.

-H.E. Mr Jorge Juan Castaneda Mendez, Ambassador of Peru to India

JULY 2017


Peruvian economy in the last decade continued to grow rapidly and is becoming an important partner of India in trade and investments. Negotiations to achieve a comprehensive bilateral Trade Agreement are ongoing and the Inter-Governmental Joint Commission mechanism to promote, strengthen and diversify the bilateral relations met in June 2017. But there has been also an enormous effort to establish solid people's relations. The Embassy of Peru in India has patronized the establishment of the India Peru Friendship Association (INPEFA), open to all interested in fortifying cultural relations. Moreover, an Art Gallery has been opened at the Ambassador's residence to contribute to this commitment. The Embassy of India in Peru has also taken significant steps in this joint effort for promoting the creation of a chamber of commerce and a cultural centre in Lima.

-H.E. Mr Jorge Juan Castaneda Mendez, Ambassador of Peru to India