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In the coal mining industry of Poland there are currently about 100 thousand employees. They are not only miners. Polish companies such as Famur, Glinik and others manufacture modern machinery and equipment for the extraction, enriching, gasification and demethanization of coal. Famur has a subsidiary company in Kolkata and is active in mining modernization in India. Poland is also an important player on the coking coal market—JSW Poland is the largest producer of this commodity in Europe and it plans to increase exports to India. The company has signed MoU with Essar Steel in New Delhi in November 2017. Polish companies work closely with the universities and scientific institutions such as the University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Silesia University in Katowice (the city will host COP 24 this year), the Central Mining Institute and Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal, which are leading R&D institutes having experience with underground mining up to 1,300 meters and have the most advanced technologies.

-H.E. Mr Adam Burakowski, Ambassador of Poland to India



India and Poland have traditionally enjoyed close and friendly relations. Almost 75 years ago, Polish children at the time of the World War II found their Little Poland in Valivade thanks to exceptional hospitality of Good Maharaja Jam Saheb whose memories have been constantly cherished in Poland. Our countries have undergone the process of social and economic transformation initiated almost at the same time, thus share common experience that have created the advantageous starting point for a common future in the challenging environment. Our long-standing cooperation has strengthened and attained new dimensions recently resulting in mutual vibrant economic engagements, thriving cultural interactions and cordial people-to-people ties. Poland has emerged as a new gateway to Europe for our Indian partners. Poland will be a partner country for the 8th Vibrant Gujarat summit scheduled to be held in January 2017 that is one out of numerous indications of in-depth mutual relations.

-H.E. Mr Tomasz Lukaszuk, Ambassador of Poland to India