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JUNE 2019


The Slovak Republic congratulates the Honourable Narendra Modi on winning the elections to Lok Sabha and his second term as Prime Minister of Republic of India. We are convinced that friendly relations between our two countries will continue to strengthen and deepen in all areas of mutual interest with a special focus on economic cooperation and trade. In this regard we hope that jointly we will achieve significant progress in BTIT negotiations that will open door to Indian market especially to car producers based in Slovakia as well as to other Slovak products with higher added value. In this regard we are proud to remind that last year started operating 4th automotive company on the Slovak soil - Jaguar Land Rover, that as we all know is the major investment of TATA Group in Continental Europe. We are convinced that many other Indian companies will follow the example of JLR/TATA and explore possibilities to invest in Slovakia

-H.E. Mr Ivan Lancaric, Ambassador of Slovak Republic to India

APRIL 2019


"In the past, Slovakia has always been considerable trading partner of India. Our most traded goods were products of heavy engineering and military industry. In this regard I believe that there is a huge potential to continue in this cooperation. Due to the size of Indian contracts most of our entrepreneurs cannot cover them alone. Therefore they do it as joint ventures with their Indian partners. In this regard I believe that the long expected agreement on loan issuing and loan insurance between Slovak Exim Bank and the State Bank of India that will be signed this year will be also helpful. These and many more other questions were also discussed at the 10th session of Joint Economic Committee that took place on 13th February 2019 in Delhi and I believe we will develop them even more during the next session in Bratislava."

-H.E. Mr Ivan Lancaric, Ambassador of Slovak Republic to India