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JUNE 2019


Spain maintains a solid and close friendship with India. Please remain fully assured that the Government of Spain considers it a priortiy to continue to work together in both deepening and expanding its bilateral relations with India and promoting our cooperation in the multilateral context, with the aim of fostering friendship among our countries and people. I wish to discuss these issues in a meeting with you no sooner than our respective agenda allows us to do so

-H.E. Mr Pedro Sánchez (President of Sánchez, Kingdom of Spain)

JULY 2018


Spain is honoured to have hosted the launch of the multifaceted and brilliantly research-based solution "Yamuna River Project: New Delhi Urban Ecology", whose co-authors are Iñaki Alday and Pankaj Vir Gupta. We are committed to partner India initiatives to transform river-city environments and rejuvenate the urban space in Delhi, at a time of enormous climatic and natural resources uncertainties. The mobilization of industry profound expertise and international benchmarks in water, basin and river management, will contribute to advance comprehensive, hi-tech, resilient and sustainable solutions.Spain and India are now closer in sharing expertise and future, to improve population welfare, and environment.

-H.E. Mr. José Ramón Barañano Fernández, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to India



We are pleased to announce the launch of a direct flight on Air India from the 1st of December 2016, which will bridge a connection between India and Spain and operate thrice a week from Delhi to Madrid. 2016 has been a positive year for outbound tourism to Spain and visa applications to Spain have soared since the beginning of the year. Spain is an excellent tourist destination, ranked 3rd in number of international arrivals and 2nd in tourism revenue worldwide. Our country can cater to different travellers’ motivational profiles and interests, is extremely family-friendly, safe and renowned for its diversity, gastronomy, rich heritage and culture. We welcomed the IIFA Awards in Madrid this year. Come visit Spain, it will capture all your senses and offer you an unforgettable experience!

-Dr. (Ms). Magdalena Cruz, Chargé d'Affaires Embassy of Spain



He who walks a lot and sees a lot, knows a lot, or so said Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. It is therefore not surprising that Spain embodies the tradition of learning and travelling, and became in turn one of the major tourism destinations in the world. Tourists are not passive individuals who are taken from one spot to another, but active voyagers who take a portion of their land with them and then enrich it with their experiences gathered abroad. This is all the more true about tourism in India, a country that is extremely generous in experiences for the foreign traveller. The Embassy of Spain is actively contributing to maintain and improve our tourism exchanges, and is rightly proud to announce the beginning of a direct Air India flight between New Delhi and Madrid, a shuttle which will connect the hearts and souls of Spaniards and Indians.

-Dr. (Ms). Magdalena Cruz, Chargé d'Affaires Embassy of Spain



Spain and India are currently celebrating sixty years of diplomatic relations. Not long ago, those relations were mostly political and institutional, but nowadays we can say that we are engaging India in many sectors, like infrastructure, water and sanitation, clean and renewable energy, and river recuperation. The number of Spanish companies with active, physical presence in India has more than tripled in the last few years, something which shows our commitment to the "Make in India" initiative, among others. These have been instrumental both in deepening our relations and in contributing the development of those areas.

-Dr. (Ms). Magdalena Cruz, Chargé d'Affaires Embassy of Spain