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I think ties have greatly improved. I believe information flow is critical in building up ties and rapport with one another. In this sense, our website and our efforts to penetrate media at different levels have been successful. The Prime Minister's visit to the PBD 2012 at Jaipur as chief guest gave us a chance to enhance communications between the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of India. I see genuine benefits come out of that visit. Now more people are aware of TnT, you don't have to name Brian Lara every time to say where you come from. In two years we've made a big impact.

-H.E. Mr Chandradath Singh, High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago to India (and concurrently to Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan and Indonesia)

JUNE 2009


When I came here in 2004, there wasn't a real focus on trade. Incrementally, over time and with promotions, we have created some mind space. Trinidad and Tobago is a small country in the consciousness of Indian business. Yet, some major investments have been made, mainly by Essar Group (USD 1.8 billion steel plant), by ONGC-Mittal in a gas block, setting up of operations by Bank of Baroda in 2007, shooting of Bollywood films. There are now increased numbers of trade fairs that have helped create awareness, especially about the opportunities that Trinidad and Tobago offer to small and medium businesses.

-H.E. Pundit Manideo Persad, High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago to India