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Owning the world's largest oil reserve does not preclude Venezuela from the lofty concerns about the necessity of saving our planet for sustainable development and quality of living for humankind. As an important partner of India in the purpose of helping to meet energy needs, Venezuela enthusiastically joins the International Solar Alliance, consistently promoted by India with the conviction that such an endeavour means sustainability and energy independence for the prosperity of our nations. It could not be but in India where such an Alliance is born, important as it is the Sun in Indian traditional profound beliefs... This is an Alliance truly Made in India

-H.E. Mr Augusto Montiel, Ambassador of Venezuela to India



Venezuela is a fundamental partner in the "Make in India" flagship program. India's development model and vertiginous economic growth rate mean that the demand for energy to power new industries will increase in the coming years. Already, about 10% of Indian oil imports come from Venezuela and the number is set to rise in the near future as projects with ONGC and Indian Oil increase the production in Venezuela. India's energy safety, the cornerstone of any massive industrial program such as "Make in India", needs reliable suppliers and Venezuela has proven itself as just that. With the year 2018 upon us, the challenge both countries have now is to increase and expand the cooperation to other areas of immense untapped potential, for stronger trade ties that will have long lasting bilateral benefits for both Nations.

-H.E. Mr Augusto Montiel, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to India