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September 2005

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Best Regards

Sayantan Chakravarty


Dear readers and advertisers. This is our first anniversary issue. Thank you for supporting us in building up this magazine.

In the coming months at INDIA EMPIRE we promise you more coverage about Pravasi Indians, especially the ones who have built their own little ‘empires’ in various walks, and are keeping the tri-colour flying.

It’s been an interesting run thus far. We were made the Official Media Partner by the GOPIO, the single largest representative body for 20 million people of Indian origin across the world. Tourism Malaysia hosted us in Malaysia, forcing us to keep our travel and tourism sections really focused.

We are also able to bring you specialized sections on air travel, Pravasi achievers, business nuggets, real estate, sports, monthly engagements in major metros in India and in London and New York, matrimony, Feng Shui, food, accessories, travel and tourism.

This issue, we have the Power of Indian Yoga on the cover. Yoga is therapeutic, and it can change a person from within, for the better. Life becomes easier, and relaxing. Those who have felt the changes know that it can work magically on the body and mind. Contributing Editor Rakesh K. Simha, one of our most talented writers, brings to you the story of yoga, and talks about some of the yoga teachers of our times worth listening to. They practice, what they preach.

On our U.S. edition, we have put Kamal Dandona on the cover. An aeronautical engineer by training, Dandona’s children are named Rajiv and Sonia (no hints on whose friends he is). He has looked after the overseas Congress for years, but more significantly, he’s an event manager par excellence. At this point in time, he is easily one of America’s most influential Indians.

One year. The sailing has been nice. Hope we get to cruise the coming year.

Thanks much for all your support.




Sayantan Chakravarty

Consulting Editors
Shiv Bhatia
Sanjay Sharma
Mona Mathur Ali
Rakesh K. Simha

Contributing Editors
Vatsala Kaul, Dinesh Raheja (all India), Srikanth Beldona, Sagoree Chatterjee, Dharminder Diwan, Arnelle Hartenstein (all US), Rajesh Kumar (New Zealand), Ramesh Mathew (Qatar), Shuchi Sinha (Switzerland), Indrani Talukdar (Australia)

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Jaydev Bisht
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