Feng Shui 

The Colour Advantage

Colour is one of the nine basic cures of Feng Shui. Colour plays a very important role in our Chi and lives. Colour in the surroundings influences our moods, behaviour, mental and physical activities. Each colour has significance. The use of right colour in different areas can righfully enhance your Chi thus improving your mood and harmonize your life. Remember, "Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness". So to like what you do, you need to be in the proper frame of mind. Believe me colour will set the tone for you. The Chinese have always used colour effectively in medicine, art, poetry and food. Listed below are certain colours and how Feng Shui associates with each of them:
Red is for happiness, fire, strength and fame. It creates energy and enhances good Chi and Luck.

Pink soothes the soul and brings joy, romance, purity and happiness.

Blue signifies hope and new ventures and beginnings. It can be used in ceilings to give the feeling of openness of sky.

Green brings hope and growth in our life.

Black invokes a quality of spiritual, psychological and intellectual depth. But black is also avoided at certain places due to its effect of despair and disappointment.

Brown is for stability, elegance, sturdiness and depth.

Yellow stands for tolerance, wisdom, power and loyalty.

Besides being auspicious it is responsible to bring power and happiness.

Proper usage of each colour can balance our Chi, lighter the area and change the mood of the occupant. To resolve the areas a detailed study is required before introducing any particular colour. Broadly White is advised to be the colour of purity hence can be used in the kitchen. Pink is suited best for the bedroom for it encourages love and romance. Pastels, Whites and Grey are best suited for bathrooms. Yellow, Beige and Tan are considered good for creating conducive atmosphere to entertain visitors and hence are used in living rooms. Pink, Green and blue are suggested for the dining area to create a pleasant dining atmosphere. Before I sign off I must say that "Tomorrow comes with today’s endeavour".

Happy Feng Shwaying !

Meeenakshe Jain is a master-practitioner in Feng Shui and can be contacted at

September 2005

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