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Korean Adventure

A land where tech meets quaint tea ceremonies and shimmering coastlines juxtapose diamond mountains… that’s Korea for the World Traveller, a fine balance between a careful sanctum of traditional lifestyle and culture
A country blessed by nature’s bounty, Korea is home to the most delightful topographical and seasonal variation. The land literally transforms itself from region to region with the astounding ski slopes of the north dotted with the most luxurious resorts to enjoy the sport or the crystal coastlines of Jeju Island speckled delightful fish and a range of water sport activity. Korea boasts the most immaculately clear demarcations of the seasons with cherry blossoms littering the landscape in spring, clear summer skies on the Han River in summer, splendid autumn foliage in the mountains and Alpine slopes of the Orient in winter.

If the culture vulture seeks a journey into a tradition that is eons old, resplendent with the most aesthetically appealing music and dance, Korea is definitely the place to holiday in. An earful of gugak, Korea’s traditional music is a soul stirring experience and a performance of the Nanta show a contemporary Korean cooking performance that has won rave reviews across the world is a definite yes on the visitor’s agenda. Immensely collectible ceramic pottery and traditional paintings will lure the heart of the souvenir searcher.

An earful of gugak, Korea’s traditional music is a soul stirring experience

Shopping is a must-do activity in Korea. The by-lanes of the Insadong market in Seoul throw up some startling discoveries for the pennywise shopper while the malls house Gucci and great gizmos.

Sightseeing in Korea is a fabulous experience what with the wonderful palaces of dynasties centuries old dotting the landscape from Deoksugang Palace to the Changdeokgung Palace and the National museums and the blue house, Korea’s presidential residence.

Entertainment has been taken to the pinnacle in Korea - Lotte World the entertainment park of Korea is a fabulous halt for the family with cutting edge roller coasters, fancy parades, variety shows, movies and much more in the way of thrills and fun! Also worth a visit is the Seoul Olympic Museum that commemorates the victory and glory of the Olympic Games held in Seoul in 88. And fun for the adult in terms of fabulous night clubs, jazz bars and casinos line the streets of every city in the country. Another fabulous entertainment
facet is the dinner theatre culture of Korea - watch some scintillating theatrical performances while tucking in to some delicious Korean fare - a cuisine that is irreplicable in its array of dishes and mouth-watering spices. From the world famous khimchi to other traditional fare, Korean food is a delight to the Indian palate.

For the avid sports lover, Korea has it all…from silver ski slopes to lessons in martial arts. And if golf is a passion, the verdant courses attached to plush resort spaces gives the club some serious tasks while enjoying the beauty and perfection of the lay of the land.

For the fitness conscious tourist, a visit to a Korean spa is a must… the natural hot springs revitalise and rejuvenate and the pampering resorts awaken all senses with the fanciest pampering available across the world. So whether it’s a mud pack or a foot therapy have it done by the best in Korea.

Architecture, culture, cuisine, beaches, mountain peaks, spas and national parks…Korea has something for every visitor and getting there from India has never been easier with Korean Air flying out of Mumbai and Asiana Airlines out of Delhi. Visas are as easy as snap, with forms that can be downloaded online and five working days to process. So what are you waiting for? Hop over to your agent, pack your bags and explore the true Orient with more than a liberal dash of the Occident… visit Korea!

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September 2005

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