Feng Shui 

Get Your Luck Going

Meeenakshe Jain

New Year is just round the corner and you can decorate your home and office with a huge array of auspicious symbolic objects to bring in success and profit luck. But in order to enhance your success, it is very important to understand the basis of symbolic feng shui. It largely depends on the concept of five element or Wi xing. According to this North-West is the corner for metal. Hence you should keep important metallic equipments like safe, gold or even symbolic wealth in this corner.

It is often forgotten that the guidelines for decorating our homes and offices apply to our appearances too. We need to present a well groomed front in order to bring harmony in our lives. But this does not mean that we should be dressed to the heights of fashion. It is imperative to present a well groomed, balanced look to the world. Avoid wearing torn clothes, ripped jeans or roaming in your pyjamas during the day. Never dress like a slouch instead greet good fortune with a well-groomed look. Accessorise your appearance too. 

Wearing jewellery set with precious stones represents good feng shui and is quite a rage these days. You can use even fakes as adornments but do not go overboard. Jewellery is a combination of earth (stones) and metal (gold, silver) which is very auspicious feng shui.

The bamboo plant is a very powerful symbol of longevity and good fortune. You can place it above the entrance/main door or on the wall directly opposite the main door. A bamboo plant in your office or home creates potent and protective Chi inside your premises. It gives the well needed strength to ride out the hard times and flourish in good times. 

Energise your important files and investment documents by placing a set of three Chinese coins tied with a ribbon. It acts as a good enhancer of success and prosperity.

Placement of your desk in office should be done with great care. You should always sit facing the door with a solid wall behind you. Avoid windows at your back. Always have more space in front rather than the back. The main power position in any office is deep within and diagonally opposite the main door. Choose this spot and make the most of your career! During negotiations, if a table is crowded with people, avoid sitting at the rigged corner. This acts like a poison arrow and can deplete your energy.
Feng Shui for success is a very vast and extensive study. Watch this space for more information! 


Meeenakshe Jain is a master-practitioner in Feng Shui and can be contacted at

E-mail: vastukriti@vastukriti.com

January 2006

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