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Baby B grows up

I was an Abhishek Bachchan critic until last year. For, he just didn’t make the cut early on. Though it’s true that he got more shots at the screen than the average struggling artist, the fact that he has ultimately made it people’s psyche. It helped that papa was working overtime to keep the family Bentleys running, but now that he is a star who can carry a film on his own it’s time we give credit where it’s due. Keep it up Abhishek.
Ajay Kumar Rawat

Abhishek Bachchan is set to go places. He has struck a purple patch and is reeling off hits like his dad used to do in his prime,and continues to do so. But there’s a difference, Abhishek is pulling off image the softie hinterland hero with elan but there’s the danger that he’ll overdo that bit. He’s doing that conman thing too much for his own good. Next the public will want some action and that is where he comes short. Abhishek should grow some muscles.
Malini Goyal
New Delhi

What’s amazing about the Abhishek is that despite lacking the biceps and figure of a Hrithik or Salman, he is considered a sex symbol. That’s where he scores—playing Joe Average. He makes people feel comfortable. He doesn’t make you envious when he walks off with Priyanka or whoever. I think middle-class India has got a after Rajesh Khanna—the loser who wins in the end.
Krish Srikkant

Happy new year

It’s nice to see India Empire grow from strength to strength over the past 15 issues. I have kept every single issue because some of the articles you won’t find anywhere else. Wish you guys a very happy new year and keep up the good work
Arun Bhatia

This CM means biz

After 25 years of decline under the Marxists, West Bengal needs a Buddhadeb Bhattacharya to set the house in order. The chief minister has proved that Marxism and capitalism can go hand in hand. More importantly, Bhattacharya is seen as a people-friendly chief minister and has been able to walk the tightrope, balancing a popular government and an ideological straightjacket imposed on any communist leader in power. He has largely been successful in making the party a partner in “ideological sacrilege” to woo industry.
Rohit Kumar 
New Delhi

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is just what the doctor ordered for West Bengal. He is able to push through reform measures and divestment deals much to the chagrin of his communist comrades. However, while the Marxists are green lighting his privatisation moves in West Bengal, they are blocking even mere talks on the subject in New Delhi. While state-owned companies are allowed to shut shop and workers are retrenched in Calcutta, at the Centre, the Marxists are blocking such moves. Are the communists batting only for Bengal?
Vijay K. Jayaram

Beating poverty

Like in the RGF camp in Agra, several hundred seminar hours have been spent on the subject of eradicating poverty and the result: zilch. I wish you would talk about something like the Grameen bank in Dhaka which has lifted millions out of the poverty cycle.. The money spent in one such seminar could lift half a dozen families permanently out of the poverty trap. The average middle class Indian would never feel insecure if he had Rs 25 lakh in the bank. A shoeshine boy would need just Rs 500 to get himself a kit so he can earn his living.
Rakesh Krishnan

Great Mix

India Empire has a great mix of stories but it needs to add more sections. Like you don’t cover the IT section too much.
RS Jena

January 2006

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