October 2016 \ Diaspora News \ MIND AND BODY
Applied Creativity in Mental Health

Creativity and innovation. It is almost conventional to trumpet their importance, their utmost necessity for progress. However, applying creativity in the actual world necessitates creativity.

By Bethany E Halbreich and Professor Uriel Halbreich

But what is “healthy”?

The Academics and Thought Leaders among us have been writing scores of articles and books about the Biological – Psychological – Social aspects of psychiatry. Presumably, we all know our domain. We all know its magnitude. According to the WHO, the Public Health, and the economic impact of Mental Disorders are huge. They top the list.                                                             Prof. Uriel Halbreich

The Global Public Interest is to reduce the magnitude of Mental Disorders and their impact. This is beyond the ethical responsibility of reducing individual suffering. This is for the sake of Society – each and every Society.

Reducing the size of “the box of mental suffering” requires thinking outside the current box.

The next step is doubt, not taking anything for granted, open-mindedness, tolerance to “crazy” ideas, mental and organizational flexibility, and acceptance of possible change as well as ability to depart from the conventional and explore new possibilities.

Creativity and innovation must replace conventionality. So, why is it important? What is creativity and how can we affectively and efficiently apply it in Mental Health?