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Sunny Kulathakal

Every once in a while an individual is born, who by his sheer energy and enthusiasm, shakes up the world and influences thousands of others to wake up, take note and act. Sunny Kulathakal is one such individual. After serving the nation’s leading publications as a journalist and an author, he went on from India to the Middle East and set about co-ordinating activities to help the less fortunate of the NRI and PIO community tide through hard times and benefit from a collaborative awareness of opportunities and solutions. Walking the talk, he uses his acres of land back home in Bangalore and his flagship venture Sunliz Publications, to pursue nature friendly initiatives and employment generating projects. A vibrant personality brimming with positive energy, Sunny and his wife Elizabeth have nurtured Sunliz Publications to the status of an iconic publishing house across the whole of the Middle East

  • Sunny Kulathakal

A catalyst for the community and a champion for humanity

When Sunny Kulathakal first came to the Gulf in 1977, he was already an established media professional and was on deputation to do an assignment for a leading publication of the time, The Illustrated Weekly of India. The emerging Gulf boom had many people back home wondering of how life was, in this much spoken-of new land of wealth and opportunity. But like any growing economy, there were grim realities to every success story. Sunny was a first hand witness to the conditions of expatriates who though respected in their homeland, lived and worked in challenging circumstances during their Gulf tenures. This caused Sunny to stay back after his assignment and join the expatriate community in creating better lifestyles and opportunities for them through an exercise of networking and collaboration. Sunny is also an accomplished author. His Malayalam work on the vices that grip modern society was an eye opener and a shocking revelation of the grimy underbelly of society that needs correction right from the roots. He also has to his credit a biography of Martin Luther King, whose commitment to uplift the downtrodden was a source of inspiration for Sunny. His later works, like the epic book ‘Kalpadukal’ (Footprints) comprises interviews published in various newspapers.