April 2022 \ News \ INSPIRATION CORNER

By Yogesh Sood
  • Dr Vinod Sharma

Empathetic, intelligent companions and pets are a valued part of our life. They give us so much joy and unconditional love. A recent example of Indian students Rishab Kaushik and Arya struck in war ravaged Ukraine refused to avail of the evacuation facilities without their pets and boarded flight to India only after ensuring that their dogs would also come along too. Another case of Simba, a Labrador in the  Bomb detection squad who risked  his  life each time  he was called to sniff out explosives  passed away recently and was given a state funeral  with a three-gun salute  in Mumbai. There are so many such instances of the powerful bond between people and the pets they live and work with. Increasingly, people are acknowledging the role that the four – legged creatures named pets play and honouring them for it.

Dr Vinod Sharma is an internationally acclaimed veterinary practitioner dedicated to the cause of promoting professional vet care. He has travelled from a small village Naichana from district Rewari Haryana. He graduated from Haryana Agriculture University, Hissar in 1992. His journey as a vet started when very limited facilities were available for pets and animals. He had worked in Animal welfare organization Jeevashram after completing his training from RSPCA, United Kingdom. Later, he got super- speciality clinical training experience from the Zurich Veterinary College. During his practice, he started a blood bank for the pet clinics in 2013 and got awarded by registering his name in the Limca Book of World Record.  He has authored two books published by NBT.

Currently, Dr. Sharma is heading as Director, DCCANIMAL Hospital located in Gurugram which is run by A'ALDA VET PVT Limited. This company is holding one unit of a modern Veterinary hospital with latest facilities and planning to create an environment where Pets to Partner can be implemented. All vets and parapets are trained by experts from abroad and helping to upgrade Indian Veterinary standards