August 2014 \
"Yes, we can succeed in India"

By Kul Bhushan
  • India's Home Minister Mr Rajnath Singh outlines 3-I government priorities: Inflation, Investment and Infrastructure for top managers who were honoured by him at a glittering event in New Delhi and Top movie director Mr Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra says sports and entertainment have great potential in India now after he gets his award for hit movies like Bhag Milkha Bagh and Rang de Basanti

Albert Einstein left Germany and moved to USA where he became famous for his work and the credit for this work goes to USA. Hargobind Khorana was an Indian who worked in USA and was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. Again, the credit goes to USA and not India.

The Home Minister Rajnath Singh started his speech at the annual management awards function with these two references to immigrants with a declaration that the new government wants to stop this brain drain and create an enabling environment so that everyone could contribute to national progress.

The All India Management Association (AIMA) awards also posed a pointer for overseas Indians by honouring eleven outstanding captains of industry and trade who had achieved success despite the so-called tough business environment of India. In some cases, they started from scratch and built multi-billion dollar enterprises employing thousands of people. The message is clear, 'Yes, it is possible to succeed in India.'

Significantly, the new government is working hard to create an enabling environment for the expansion of business and industry. The Home Minister said that government's first priority was to control inflation; the second priority was to encourage investment and the third to create infrastructure. In brief, 3Is.

In a few weeks, new policies for manufacturing and infrastructure will be announced to boost the economy and create more jobs, declared Rajnath Singh. The government was trying to turn India into an investor-friendly country to encourage domestic investment as opposed the local investors investing in foreign countries as in the recent past.

“We will see how to bring back the domestic investment which has gone out of the country. We have great hopes and strong confidence. Till we revive economy, till we bring back confidence of investors, we will make all effort,” he said in Hindi.

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