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Cante Jondo

 The book is a Spanish Gypsy’s Cante Jondo (deep song of the caves). Lo! Jacaranda is a young, Spanish-Gypsy woman in 1760s Spain. As fate would have it, she is bron and raised as the daughter of a wealthy ranchdro owner. A beautiful life of prosperity and love stretches on before her as the day of her bethrothal approaches. Before the wedding, however, her gypsy heritage is revealed, and her joy melts away.

The Spanish Inquisition condemns her to be burnt at the stake, but always-resourceful Jacaranda escapes and disguises herself as a man. She finds work on a slave ship headed to New Spain, but just when she gets comfortable, pirates seize her ship. To stay alive, she joins their motley crew, only to be sold as slave once they reach their destination.

Book: Lo! Jacaranda

Written by: Harry Freiermuth

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Number of Pages: 96



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