When lines begin to merge

Talented artist couple Marianit Pérez, from Peru, and Srinivas Mangipudi ...

                                               Marianit Pérez /\ Srinivas Mangipudi

Talented artist couple Marianit Pérez, from Peru, and Srinivas Mangipudi, from India, joined efforts with the Embassy of Peru in India to present an exhibition of their work titled “When Lines Begin to Merge”, on display at the Art Gallery of the Embassy of Peru between 15 March and 20 April 2019.

“Being partners and having lived and worked with each other for a number of years, we found in painting a medium where we could express our constant artistic inquiries interacting in our daily lives, an ongoing dialog through our work leading to the initiation of this project. Each person has their lines drawn out in forms of likes, dislikes, points of view, vision, background and so on, and coming to terms with these realities and to see how they intersect and where they merge in a quotidian existence, was critical to our research and development process.

In the nature of abstract painting, there are no a priori definitions of what constitutes an aesthetic, and most of the times they are solitary viewpoints of this quest. We wanted to change the game and realise a process which would teach each other of decisions which cannot be told but only experienced through a mutual practice of construction, enabling us to glean insights into the unknown of creation which is more democratic and inclusive of each others actions.”

The abstract works presented by Marianit and Srinivas draw inspiration from places as distant as the Peruvian jungle, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and the couple’s recent experience living in India. Their paintings combine vibrant colors with figures and messages in different languages to evoke feelings and memories of these places, as well as other ideas representing their vision of the world.


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