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“Stress levels, uncertainty, will increase post-pandemic”

Stress levels and uncertainty will increase for professionals ...

By Vishnu Makhijani

Stress levels and uncertainty will increase for professionals post the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown it has caused due to fears of layoffs or overwork due to the heavy backlog that awaits them if and when they return to work, says lifestyle and relationship expert, and practicing therapist Rachna Khanna Singh, whose work over the last 20 years has touched over 1 million lives and over 100 organisations.

Work-life balances are under threat and there is the omnipresent shadow of emotional ties at the workplace reviving, Singh, who has just published a book, “Stress Diaries - From The Eyes Of A Therapist” (Bloomsbury), told IANS in an email interview as she expanded on the impact of the lockdown on a post-pandemic world.

“Post Pandemic, stress levels are soaring high for most professionals - whether it be with respect to lay-offs due to lack of business or over work due to heavy back log. Further, we saw during the lockdown phase, most people irrespective of whether they were working from home or not, were struggling with keeping a healthy lifestyle and a routine.” Singh said.

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