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Sustainable finance in the wake of COVID-19

Sustainable finance is about reorienting capital flows towards sustainable ...

By Julie Becker, Deputy CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Founder of LGX
  • Ms Julie Becker

Sustainable finance is about reorienting capital flows towards sustainable investment projects and ensuring that investors can make a positive social or environmental impact through their financial investments. In the midst of a global crisis that has led to unprecedented financing needs, sustainable capital has been brought centre stage. Exchanges play a crucial role in directing capital in the right direction and facilitating sustainable investments, and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is a front-runner in this field.

Promoting the sustainable finance agenda

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is one of the world’s leading listing venues for international debt securities. With more than 37,000 securities and 80 years of capital market experience, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has steadily and successfully increased its international footprint and contributed to the development of international capital markets. Its long-standing relationship with India, notably in the field of Global Depositary Receipts, is one example of this.

As a preferred listing venue for a wide array of issuers covering more than 120 sovereigns and quasi-sovereigns, supranational institutions such as multilateral development banks, but also municipalities, financial entities and corporates—and even exchanges—the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has a global focus and an international reach. Over the past years, the exchange has taken a leading role in promoting the sustainable finance agenda. Curbing climate change and ensuring sustainable development are global challenges that require a global response. Capital markets play a crucial role in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon and more inclusive economy, and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is committed to contributing to this transformation.

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