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Often, during childhood Bhole Prabhu (Swami Ram) ...

  • Gurudev Swami Rama

“Meditation will give you a tranquil mind. Meditation will make you aware of the Reality deep within. Meditation will make you fearless; meditation will make you calm; meditation will make you gentle; meditation will make you loving; meditation will give you freedom from fear—those are the results of meditation.”

—Swami Rama

Often, during childhood Bhole Prabhu (Swami Ram) and his Master would visit Rishikesh. One such day, while he was sitting in meditation by the Ganges, he found a coiled cobra with his hood raised to eye level gazing at Swamiji. As soon as he came out of his meditation, the snake went away. At that time his master told him that one day at that very spot he would have an ashram.

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