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Better aviation

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has taken the following initiatives to promote "Good Governance" in India- The Draft Civil Aviation Policy has been released.

The Draft Civil Aviation Policy has been released. The objective of this policy is to provide safe, secure, affordable and sustainable air travel with smooth access to various parts of India and the world. Release of Draft Civil Aviation Policy was a long awaited initiative.

  • Municipal Bodies have been delegated with the powers to issue “No Objection Certificate” for maximum permissible height of buildings.
  • Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has undertaken a project for implementing Bio-metric Access Control System which will not only enhance security but also make the process more transparent. BCAS is also in the process of undertaking an e-governance project for making its own business processes electronic thereby benefitting the stakeholders by making it streamlined and transparent, while enhancing security.
  • Non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco started by Air India w.e.f . 2nd December, 2015 with a view to provide seamless connectivity to Indians living in the West Coast of USA.
  • On-line system introduced in the Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited to receive applications for recruitment purposes.


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