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The Avatar

Is an avatar a he or she? Some say that an avatar is neither he nor she.

  • Yogi Ashwini

By Yogi Ashwini 

Then why is Ram called maryadapurushottam? The term purush connotes a man. So then is an avatar always a he? Mohini was a she…and she came twice, once for the amrit kalash and at another time for bhasmasur. There are also those who maintain that an avatar has both he and she…That is nonsense. When avatars take a body, then they are normal beings, and in normal beings you don’t have he and she, it has to be either. A person with both sexes is not normal, though these days even that is considered normal. But technically it is an abnormality, because there are only two purposes to a birth. The first is to experience which we call bhog or anubhav and the other is procreation. There is no third purpose, after that you go beyond. If someone misses either of the two purposes, then he/she has to do a lot of tapa to go beyond or he/she has to participate in creation, otherwise there is no moksha for them, because there experience is not complete. This however does not apply to tapasvis and tapasvinis, they can go just like that.

Avatars always take the form of either a man or a woman, because they have a specific purpose and to serve that purpose, they need a specific energy inside them. Every avatar has negative and positive inside them. The negative is as strong as the positive, since it is a balance. If you look at the various avatars - Krishna, Ram, Parshuram, Narsingh, Varaha, Mohini, none had all positive aspects. Each of them had both aspects because both the aspects are there in Divine. The only difference between Divine and human being is that there is no effect of the positive and negative on the Divine but both of these have a very strong effect on a human being. It is under the effect of the negative and the positive that a human being gets misled (bhramit) and forgets his path and direction, attaches himself to nashvarta and separates himself from the amar tattva. There is no effect of these on the avatars and the Divine. That is the difference between human beings and avatars/Divine.

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