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What are the contaminations?

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini Ji

Someoneyo’s contamination is social pressure. What is social pressure? That if ‘I come close to my guru, the others who are close to him will be in pain. Let me be a martyr.’ If you even remotely have such a thought that you can come between me and someone else who is close to me, there is no bigger fool than you. It simply reflects your egoistic nature. It is a contamination within you that is feeding your ego that ‘I am so great, I will sacrifice for this person.’  In this process, you hurt your guru, fail him and you go away from him destroying your journey. It is one of the biggest contaminations. Your guru is not a fool, a guru knows of everything that is happening around a shishya, he monitors you every second. He may or may not express it but if you think your guru is a fool then that is a bigger contamination than this contamination. Social pressure is a dangerous contamination where people form groups. The relationship between a guru and shishyais always one-to-one, it is never in groups. This is a basic teaching- that you are alone, there is no one else. If there is someone else then where are you? It means you are not there. And as soon as the contamination enters, the symptoms start showing and you start making mistakes. You get diverted from the path and lose your way.  And the failure is of your guru always, shishya is never a failure because in the first place he should have never accepted you knowing what you are.

The second important contamination is emotional congestion. When one keeps an emotion suppressed within, thinking that if someone gets to know about it, he/she will come across as weak. Those pent-up emotions are a major cause of contamination; they rot you on the inside and ruin your entire life and birth. You may realize it or you may not. And whoever your guru is, he will always indicate to you – he will be irritated by you, or he will scold you – ‘don’t do this, do it this way’. Every day you will feel distance increasing and a barrier coming in between. When you distance yourself from your guru, it means a contamination is setting in.

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