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The body is essentially the five elements—earth ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

The body is essentially the five elements—earth, water, fire, air and ether combined with the ego and certain other gross senses. These elements form the basis of the major chakras that govern the body—earth for Mooladhar, water for Swadhisthan, fire for Manipoorak, air for Anahad and ether for vishuddhi.

The controls for the various elements in our body lie at the fingertips—the little, ring, middle and index fingers representing earth, water, ether and air respectively while the thumb represents fire. If you touch any element to the tip of the thumb, it expands and when you touch it to the base of the thumb it reduces. In this way, we can very easily increase or decrease the various elements in our body, depending on the need of the situation, using our fingers through the science of mudras. For example, in situations of extreme tension and anxiety, like in the case of appearing for an interview, or an exam, or an important meeting, the vayu tattva increases in the body leading to a feeling of uneasiness in the chest. If at that time, you place your index finger at the base of the thumb (where you will feel a pulsation), the air element will normalise and you will feel better. The science of mudras is a perfect and precise science, however, it is not taught en mass. It is given by the Guru to the shishya, individually, as per his/her individual needs and capacity.

Our body is a reflection of the entire creation with its five elements. Earth forms the core of the creation, similarly the muscles and bones comprise the earth element and form the core structure of our body. Above the earth surface, one finds water—rivers, oceans and other water bodies. Similarly, in our body, Mooladhar gives way to Swadhisthan, which represents the water element. There is absolute darkness at the bottom of the ocean. As one rises through water to the surface of the water body, there is light. As one rises up the Swadhisthan chakra in the body, there is Manipoorak, chakra of agni tattva. Agni is not just fire, it is also light (responsible for vision), the digestive fire (responsible for digestion) and sexual energy (responsible for procreation). In fact, the ability of door-drishiti, which we call clairvoyance, also originates from the agni tattva. If jaap of Manipoorak chakra is done properly, then the eyesight can never deteriorate.

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