Upgrading Delhi

  • Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu

Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu has announced a series of decisions for development of civic facilities and transport infrastructure in Delhi including rates of premium for lands for institutional purposes and sanctioning of Rs 658 crore for de-congesting traffic.

“The Government has approved the rates of premium for lands allotted for institutional purposes and health services by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Compared to existing rates, the rates has been reduced to nominal charge,” Urban Development Ministry said in a statement.

The Union government has reduced to a nominal charge of Rs 1 per annum for the land required for health services such as medical institutions, hospitals, dispensaries required by central Government and Delhi Government. It has also reduced the rates for land to Delhi Government for un-remunerative uses such as maternity centres, night shelters and orphanages, rates for land for DTC depots and offices, rate for land for staff quarters for schools and hospitals of local bodies and Delhi Government and rate for land for offices of Delhi Government.

Rate for land for roads, graveyards and crematoria, playgrounds and parks, water supply and drainage for DDA colonies will continue to be allotted free of cost or at nominal charge of Rs 1 per annum, the ministry said.

Mr Naidu also sanctioned Rs 658 crore for five projects for decongesting traffic in Delhi.