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What are the contaminations?

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini Ji

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Let’s take this a little forward. The people who do martial arts with me will tell you that as I talk to them during training and if someone is standing in the driveway behind me, I often ask them to check who it is and what he is up to. When they check, they usually find that the person was up to something he is not authorised to do…they will also tell you that I scarcely look at them when I strike, and yet I do not miss it even by a millimetre from where the strike has to be made. How is this possible? At a stage you cannot look at more than one person but at another stage you can even look at 20 people and know exactly who is doing what. And at a stage you can look at thousand people. Divine / shiv knows about thousands and crores of people. He knows everything about everyone. That is a state/shreni. My state is not as high, I am trying to achieve it but right now my body does not have that much capacity. It became evident to me after the recent incident where I was not able to attain that state of dhyan. All of us think ourselves to be very great. But when the time comes the divine shows us our reality. This is your level, whatever that might be, first achieve this level and then we’ll talk. 

You cannot even look at two people at one time and I am able to take a training session and also keep a watch all through the ashram. This is the difference between a guru and a shishya. Till the shishya becomes a guru, he/ she should not try to become a guru. If he/ she tries to become a guru, he/ she will definitely fall into a ditch. Whether a shishya is physically interacting with or in sight of guru or not, the guru knows exactly what he or she is doing, that is why he is a guru. And in order to access him you have to first become like that, access him completely. The guru might make an error because of an attachment as he is in the body still and as long as you are in the body you cannot claim 100 percent purity but he also has the ability to rectify that error if the time is given. These contaminations are very dangerous contaminations and they spoil your entire journey. Whoever is your guru figure, wherever he might be, whoever he might be, if you don’t have confidence in him, then it is pointless. It will result is always chaos and you will prove him/ her to be a failure.