The Evolving Needs and Scope of the Indian Pet Healthcare Industry

By Yogesh Sood

The Indian pet healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, and with the rise in pet adoption, there is an urgent need to increase awareness about pet healthcare and bring in new and innovative ways to make sure the experience is as comfortable for pets and as seamless for pet-parents, as can be.

The pandemic saw a marked rise in fondness for pets. Be it in the US or in India, there was a huge surge in nuclear families adopting pet dogs to stave off the monotony and have a bit of lively company at home. Dogs are great stress busters, and their unconditional love melts away all of our fatigue and exhaustion. As such, adoption and purchase of dogs went up, with pet parents also educating themselves on the healthcare needs of their pets.

India is home to over 10 million pets, and this number is increasing every day. Between 2019-2025, the Indian pet healthcare industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.17%, with the potential to reach up to INR 7000+ crores. This has led to many service providers introducing a range of innovations in the pet care industry, from pet food, grooming, and veterinary services, to stem cell therapy, genetic testing, diagnostics, insurance, and more.

One of India’s leading multi-speciality hospitals for pets, DCC Animal Hospital is equipped with a range of experienced veterinarians and animal specialists, as well as best-in-class equipment, including a digital radiograph, ultrasound, and rapid in-house testing and treatment capabilities, along with a complete dental station, a gas anaesthetic machine with a ventilator, and a cardiac monitor. With a massive facility in Gurgaon and another in South Delhi, DCC offers an exhaustive list of services like pet health consultations, telehealth consultations, surgery, eye care, radiography, dentistry, vaccinations, veterinary pathology, ICU, pet boarding, grooming, daycare, and the like.