August 2014 \
Diaspora Voice

Silicon Valley chapter
Country: USA

GOPIO’s Silicon Valley Chapter is one of the most active organisations among the Indian diaspora in America. California, especially the Bay Area, is home to a large number of professionals from India. The chapter is truly representative of what can be achieved when Indians of all backgrounds work together for a common cause. As well as substantial work in the social arena, they have taken a keen interest in the political field and have pushed India’s case in the corridors of power in their adopted country.

The Unity Dinner, which is a project of the Indo-American Community Federation (IACF-USA) in association with GOPIO-Silicon Valley, is one of the most important events of the Indian-American social calendar. A large number of organisations whether Indian or mainstream come together at this event to send messages of peace and unity to the world. The Bay Area’s ethnic organisations and elected city, state and federal representatives have also supported this endeavour over the years.

The Unity Dinner has become a power event and has been attended by the Governor of California, hundreds of senior State and local level politicians, as well as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

“The support from the community at the Unity Dinner has just been overwhelming,” says GOPIO Silicon Valley President Mr Jeevan Zutshi. “It is gratifying to see that the vision we began with in 2002, after the twin towers collapsed, to unify and strengthen the community is gradually being realised. We do hope to keep the annual event ongoing, making it better every year.”