August 2015 \ News \ Column: Yogi Ashwini
The Great Secret

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

Yog begins and ends at the feet of your Guru. Guru is the channel through which the gyan and experience of yog flows into the shishya. And to get a Guru, you need to have the intent for the Guru. That is, whoever you are going to, you must want to access him completely, whatever he is, his positives as well as negatives, only then can you reach somewhere because his positives and negatives are not for you to judge and if you are judging your Guru, you might as well read a book. The path of yog first leads to the Guru and then your Guru carries you on the journey that lies ahead. So before going to anyone for yog, be sure that you want to be that, only then can you get any experience from him.

What is experience? When I ask people if they have had any experience of yog, they tell me, they saw certain shapes and colors when they sat with their eyes closed…even the mentally unsound see shapes and colors. The experience of yog is something else. Mentally sound and unsound, those with eyes and without, those with exceptional hearing abilities and those who are deaf, all those who are connected experience the same things.

There was an Asur Mali who did severe penance for many thousand years for Lord Shiv and finally was able to access him. But when he did, he asked him to be his bodyguard…that is what he wanted, to have Lord Shiv to guard his body. It pumped up his ego, but he did not realize that the body is perishable and can only be guarded till it exists, what after that? Despite accessing the ultimate force, he chose to make him his bodyguard. The thought pattern of an average person is no different from that asur…you want to access the infinite energy of nuclear power, but only to light a bulb.

You can choose to access the Guru in particular aspect, but then you will only be able to reach till that aspect, and if that is a physical trait (which it most likely is, because with your limited five senses, you cannot think beyond the physical), just remember that physical is temporary and destructible, it will perish sooner or later. There are two elderly people in the Foundation, who have been diagnosed with brain tumor. One wanted to open a big law firm and the other wanted a big farm. But within a period of a half an hour, when the doctor looked at the MRI and said brain tumor, their desire changed. No matter what your desire, the minute circumstances change even slightly, that desire will change indicating perishable nature of desire linked to the perishable body, both redundant. Therefore it is best not think with your limited buddhi and access your Guru in totality.