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Sikh-American’s ‘Seva Truck’ sends out free food

A Sikh-American from Washington D.C. is operating ...

  • Mr Sonny Kakar

A Sikh-American from Washington D.C. is operating a ‘Seva Truck’, via which he sends out free meals to local communities in need including schools and social work organisations. Washington D.C.-based Sonny Kakar bought an old FedEx truck, painted it orange and began operating his ‘Seva Truck’, the American Bazaar has reported.

His initiative specially targets kids at risk in underserved communities. In just three years since its inception, the orange truck has not only become the pride of the area but has also expanded to feed over 20,000 people. Showing his compassionate side, Kakar believed that there was need for such an initiative when he started it, but

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