February 2020 \ Cover Story \ Cover: Global Business

Mr Robert Scharfe, Chief Executive Officer ...

IE: Cooperation—is that one of your major takeaways from the Raisina Dialogue?

RS: Yes, definitely. One of the most important things we remind ourselves is what the Vice President of the European Parliament said when the EU Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth was announced. He said that without money one can dream. But with money one can act! And this, I’d say, is the key message for the whole sustainability debate, whether you are looking at climate aspects, or social ones. At the end of the day you need all good ideas to be backed by financing. Here in India, one of the key elements we heard during the opening session of the Raisina conference was that public sector funding is always limited due to budgetary constraints. So our message is to involve the private sector, and galvanize the capital market in this direction.

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