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Luxembourg, the Fintech and Payment Hub for Europe

The new dimension of Luxembourg-India’s long-lasting relationship ...

Luxembourg has been a European hub for major international payments companies for a long time already, such as PayPal which acquired its banking licence in Luxembourg from 2007. Of course, one of the major factors is Luxembourg’s position in the centre of Europe, at the heart of the European single market, which aggregates 450 million customers. This comes with the major advantage that if you, as an entity, have a licence in one EU country, then you can “passport” and provide your services to the rest of the bloc. In terms of regulatory environment for payment entities, you can split the approach in 4 categories: (i) Payment Institutions, (ii) Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), (iii) Banks and (iv) Crowdfunding. It is also worth noting that the Emerging Payments Association (EPA), the leading London-based professional association of payments players, has recently chosen Luxembourg as its new EU headquarters. The Emerging Payments Association EU (EPA EU) is building its network on the international network of members in their London-based sister organisation, consisting of 150 members from across the Payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more.

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