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Nearly half of Belarusians feel decline in earnings

According to a joint opinion poll on the economic ...

According to a joint opinion poll on the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic conducted by Satio and Beroc researchers on June 8-15, 2020, 49.7% of Belarusians felt a decline in their earnings in June.

The decline in incomes has stabilized: 49.7% of the respondents felt a decline in their incomes in June 2020 (compared with 45% in March, 52% in April and 48% in May); 55% said their earnings decreased compared with the pre-pandemic period,” reads the report.

This was due, as before, to a decrease in the number of orders placed (34% of those whose incomes dropped, particularly typical of the service sector in Minsk), nonpayment of bonuses (26%), and wage cuts (25%).

Belarusians continue to experience a reduction in working hours (20% in June against 25% in May) and unpaid furloughs (19% in June against 20% in May). This is the main cause of the income decline in small towns. 7% of those whose incomes dropped report backdated wages.