By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

The ancient science of yoga is based on laws of nature. In nature you will find that for every aspect there exists an equal and opposite. Darkness is nothing but absence of light. Similarly, silence is nothing but the absence of sound. It is only the duality in nature, the coexistence of positive and negative that gives meaning to the existence of the whole. The ancient scriptures speak of a masculine energy Shiv or the doer and a feminine energy Shakti or the force. In reality, the whole Creation derives its energy from Shakti and without her even the Lord is also just a form, the same applies to all aspects of Creation. At the same time, Shakti without the Lord is just pure energy, which needs a vehicle to carry out desires. The complete evolution thus becomes Lord Ardhanareshwar. This is the form of the sacred union of Shiv and Mata Parvati as one. Interestingly, a union between a married man and woman also symbolically represents the ‘Ardhanareshwar’.

The Vedic Rishis saw the union between a man and woman not for lust or gratification of sensual desires but a sacred union for the purpose of procreation. Vedic Rishis set yogic techniques and Sanatan Kriya, which when followed can give a child of one’s choice. Parents often wish to decide everything about their child even before conception. They wish to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams through their children but these dreams cannot be fructified without Guru Kripa. However, there are certain basic guidelines that can be followed for children of a particular pravriti.

In a day, energy patterns keep changing. Similarly, day-to-day patterns also keep changing. Every object of creation, all lokas (dimensions of existence) and yugas (dimensions of time), as per the revelation of the ancient yogis, exist as energy forms. The movement of earth changes the dimension of time, it lies tilted on its axis, when the axis tilts, yugas change as when it moves on the axis, the seasons change. Every movement from one dimension to the other brings about a change or transformation as every day comes with its unique energy patterns.