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Global NRI Centre

The State Bank of India, which has a strong NRI customer base of over 33 lakh, in February...

The State Bank of India, which has a strong NRI customer base of over 33 lakh, in February launched its Global NRI Centre (GNC) in Kochi. The GNC will be a one-stop customer service centre for all Non-Resident Indian (NRI) banking related services. To enhance the service experience of NRIs, the bank also launched other services such as Wealth Management, SBI Intelligent Assist, Free Post Box Service, SBI Mingle for NRIs and Remittance facility for US-based customers. With its NRI customer base of over 33 lakh as on January 31, the bank, through its GNC, aims to centralize operations which are currently spread across 16 circles, 92 NRI branches in 66 different locations and several NRI intensive branches. The bank’s NRI customers can now avail banking services from any part of the world, through a wide range of online facilities like account opening, in-principle sanctions of loans and instant remittances, state-of-the-art technology, professional and specialized dedicated teams, a 24x7 contact centre to offer customer support and resolution.

At the launch, SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar said the bank has witnessed a consistent growth of its NRI banking portfolio. “Our endeavor is to offer all our products and services on digital platform so that our NRI customers experience the ease of banking with us from wherever they are in the world and that's why we have centralized all our services and offering them under the Global NRI Centre besides specialized services," said Kumar.

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