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On our cover this issue we have focused on Ukraine...

By Sayantan Chakravarty

On our cover this issue we have focused on Ukraine, an eastern European nation. This picturesque, verdant land crisscrossed with steppes and plateaus is interspersed with several rivers like the Dnieper, Seversky Donets and Dniester that flow into the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. There are several highland areas with the Carpathian Mountains in the country’s west being most impressive. The port of Odessa is world famous.

The country has significant potential and opportunities. It has well-developed manufacturing and is strong in logistics—some of the prominent industries include machine-building, mining, metallurgy, chemicals, petrochemicals, transportation and agro-based ones. The country also takes strong positions in nuclear power engineering—in 2017 nuclear power plants produced 55.1 per cent of the country’s total electricity, aircraft engineering, and rocket and space industry. In the last quarter century over 150 carrier rockets have been manufactured and launched from Ukraine while 370 spacecraft at the request of 24 countries have been put into orbit. It is one of the six nations in the world that can take up entire turnkey projects for manufacturing of airplanes, from the conceptualizing to the designing and building stage. It also remains one of the world’s top steel producers and its energy equipment is exported to over 100 countries.

Elsewhere in the magazine we’ve articles that talk about Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Morocco. We’ve a strong section on business and governance, and another one on the Indian diaspora.

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