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On our cover we’ve an interview with ...

  • Sayantan Chakravarty

On our cover we’ve an interview with the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic H.E. Mr Ivan Lancaric. The interview comes about a year after we had similarly put the Czech Republic Ambassador on our cover. The two friendly neighbouring nations, one would recall, had a peaceful, ‘velvet separation’ in the early 1990s from what was then Czechoslovakia. They are jointly celebrating their national day on September 24.

Slovakia happens to be the world’s largest per-capita car producer with 1.09 million cars manufactured in 2018 alone. That also positions the country very high in the list of car producers within the European Union. It’d be pertinent to point out that the investment of Jaguar Land Rover in Slovakia remains the biggest investment of JLR in continental Europe. Ambassador Lancaric believes that it will be a catalyst for further investments by Indian companies with added value in Slovakia.

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