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KKF—Chamber of Commerce in Suriname

The Chamber of Commerce in Suriname ...

  • Mr. Ramon Jawalapersad, Board member of the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Suriname (KKF) was established in 1910. KKF is tasked to serve the interest of the business community, promote activity and development of the business community with regard to the public interest and represent the business community.

Mr Padarath, Jayant Anilkumar, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce

Mission: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKF) promotes a culture of entrepreneurship that brings about economic growth in Suriname by serving, representing and empowering the business community.

Address:?Gravenberchstraat #33

Phone:?+(597) 530311 / 530313

Fax:?+(597) 437971



Facebook: KKF.Suriname