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Kia Motors India sells 1 lakh units since July

Automobile manufacturer Kia Motors India has sold 1 lakh ...

  • Mr Kookhyun Shim

Automobile manufacturer Kia Motors India has sold 1 lakh units since July 2020 in the domestic wholesale market. Accordingly, the maker of Seltos, Sonet and Carnival, has successfully dispatched 200,000 Kia vehicles to its dealerships across India within 17 months of sales operations in the country. The company said the top-end—above GTX variants—for the Seltos, Sonet and the Limousine variant for the Carnival, have accounted for nearly 60 per cent of total cars sold. As per a statement, Kia sold over 106,000 UVO connected vehicles on the road accounting for 53 per cent of the brand’s total sales.

Besides, Seltos leads the sales charts for Kia Motors India with 149,428 units, followed by the Sonet with 45,195 units, which was launched in September, 2020 and the Carnival with a total sales of 5,409 units. “In just over a year of sales operations, Kia has emerged as India’s youngest automobile disruptor and one of the best-selling automobile brands in the country,” said Kookhyun Shim, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kia Motors India. The rapid adoption of Kia cars reiterates the evolving customer preference towards a technology-led exceptional driving experience, coupled with great connectivity. Kia’s focus has also been on offering products that are designed to fulfill consumer demands across both urban and rural areas.

Currently, Kia’s manufacturing plant in Anantapur is running on two-shift operations and given the increasing demand for Kia cars, the brand is evaluating operating in three shifts to meet them. Additionally, Kia aims to fully utilise the capacity of 300,000 units per annum at its manufacturing unit by 2022.