March 2021 \ World News \ COUNTRY FOCUS—CANADA
“India’s vaccine promise to Canada breaks irritants”

The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce ...

By Gurmukh Singh

Calling it a big development in bilateral ties, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce President Vijay Thomas said: “India’s promise to deliver Covid vaccine to Canada is welcome news in the wake of some recent headwinds in our relationship. A big barrier has been broken.” Mr Thomas said the phone discussion between the two Prime Ministers could be the beginning of a new partnership. “Sometimes politics leads to a better trade relationship, but better trade too can lead to a better political relationship. This development will help remove all irritants between our two countries.”

Mr Shiv Bhasker, President of the Ottawa-based Overseas Friends of India and Canada (OFIC), said: “This is an excellent development. Any irritants caused by recent Canadian statements about the farmers’ stir in India can now be smoothed out. India is a big market for Canadian goods, agriculture, urea, aerospace parts, water technology, and we should focus on trade rather than issue statements on India’s internal affairs.” Winnipeg businessman Hemant Shah, who has worked for four decades on India-Canada trade, said: “Mr Trudeau has done the right thing by calling Mr Modi. It has taken decades, efforts, and taxpayers’ money to build our bilateral trade relationship with India. We must not harm it with negative statements.”

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