September 2016 \ Interviews \ KEY BUSINESS INTERVIEW
“We have focused entrepreneurial development programmes”

Mr Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary General, PHD Chamber, speaks to Consulting Editor (Business and Commerce) Yogesh Sood

  • Mr Saurabh Sanyal

Please tell us about the vision that you have for PHD Chamber going forward…

PHD Chamber’s vision is to play a catalytic role in linking with multiple stakeholders across the country and the globe. The Chamber acts on behalf of Indian Industry in making representations to the Government and access more markets for Indian Industry, and create B2B opportunities for members. PHD maintains a unique worldwide network of partnerships with foreign governments and legislators, industry institutes, academia, think tanks, media and multilateral agencies. It has a vast network of counterpart organizations to help Indian Industry reach out to all parts of the globe. Meetings with Heads of State, decision makers and business delegations are coordinated for Indian business to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships across the globe. PHD organizes missions of Indian business leaders and executives to various countries to facilitate bilateral business opportunities. India Exhibitions are organized in key markets to display Indian products abroad and this will be taken up at a very significant scale in near future. PHD undertakes research and brings out publications, reports and background papers pertaining to different industries for members and delegates. Much still remains to be accomplished as India journeys to ever greater economic might and prosperity. With its central aim of nation building, and to facilitate the States to sustain high economic growth, the PHD Chamber would effortlessly continue to promote India more on the global stage to guarantee growth and provide employment opportunities to the Indian people. 

What are the thrust areas of engagement with industry for the Chamber?

PHD Chamber’s thrust areas are in consonance with the Indian government’s economic policy: Industrial Development, Health, and Education & Skill development, Housing, Infrastructure, Agriculture & Agri-business and Digital India. PHD represents the interests of all local, national, regional, bilateral and transnational industry and provides a platform for exchange to better serve and promote SME members worldwide.