Self-Healing through Sanatan Kriya

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini

Cut across the earth—you will find layers soil, rocks, minerals, magnetic substances, the molten lava etc. Cut across the bark of a tree, you will see concentric circles each for the various layers that make up a tree. Cut across any fruit, again you will find layers. Cut open a human body, once again you will find layers—three layers of skin, muscle, tissue, blood, bones etc. Creation exists in layers—each and every aspect of it.

Mentioned above are layers that are directly perceived by our five senses—them being composed of the five elements. These layers and elements are controlled by layers that exist beyond, which too can be perceived by us…through activation of other senses, a human being having a total of sixteen senses. In this particular article, I will discuss various techniques to touch the layer immediately next to the physical body (or five elements), often called the aura or the pranic layer, which controls the physical body by way of prana. Sanatan Kriya details the ancient and time-tested techniques to increase the efficiency of this layer and in turn of the physical body by way of prana of breath, colour, sound, touch, taste etc. Activation of this sense through which you perceive this layer is real and is accessible to any normal person. Dr Prasan Prabhakar (Chennai), Dr. Pravina Gandhi (mumbai) and Dr Deepika Arora (Delhi) through practice have experienced this layer proving efficacy of the layer and its reality. Some of the by-products are a healthy disease free body, radiant complexion, glowing skin, youth, vigor, vitality etc. 

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