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Azizi Bank: Aiming for the Top

Aiming to be the most preferred bank in Afghanistan, Azizi Bank adheres to a customer-centric approach to fulfill client needs and ensure maximum satisfaction. The bank focuses on continuously developing business strategies to help improve its service products and operational processes. The bank placed strong emphasis on innovation. A robust IT system has been implemented to facilitate prompt and effective customer service. Equipped with modern technologies, Azizi Bank has been successful in transforming the banking experience in Afghanistan and is hereby committed to remain as the best Afghanistan bank with world class services

By Mohammad Salem Omaid

By Mohammad Salem Omaid

President and Chief Executive Officer, Azizi Bank

The Economic Scenario

Performance of the Bank is dependent on various eco-political factors. Bank has seen a sustained growth during the period 2006-2013. Following certain economical downward trends, the economy has been going through recessionary trends. Bank has however performed creditably, notwithstanding the unfavorable trend in the economy. Although the profit margin in 2015 has reduced, as compared to the previous years, Bank is very hopeful that in the days to come, with ventures in other areas, the margins are set for improvements…