January 2017 \ Diaspora News \ Key Diaspora Interview
“In March 2017, we are organizing a global convention in Trinidad and Tobago”

Mr Ashook Ramsaran, President, Indian Diaspora Council

Insofar as the event in Trinidad and Tobago is concerned, who are you major partners, and what kind of participation do you expect?

For the Global Convention we have coordinators in 16 countries, plus affiliates, organizations and institutions; media; business enterprises; academic institutions; and others are being added. Delegates are expected from all major countries where NRIs and PIOs reside, including India. 

What will be the thrust of the Trinidad and Tobago conference?

Global Convention Theme

The Global Convention is about celebration of 100th Anniversary of Abolition of Indian Indentureship - Shared heritage, aspirations and interests. The theme is “Global Indian Diaspora Convention – Charting New Frontiers.”

Topics of discussion include: Historical perspectives, identity, challenges and achievements; Youth, Next Gen and leadership roles in societies; Contemporary Issues/Challenges Facing Diaspora Indians and Technology and Entrepreneurship as Pathways for Advancement; The Global Indian Diasporic Community in the 21stcentury and Roadmaps for Tomorrow; resolutions and charting a roadmap for tomorrow. 

What is the current level of engagement that you have with the Overseas Affairs Department of the Ministry of External Affairs in India?

The engagement is mainly in the form of collaboration, advice, outreach and support.