Giant Strides

From a tin-shed in the late 1980s to a 1000-bed hospital, 250 doctors, a Cancer Research Institute, a medical college, an engineering college, a Rural Development Institute, thousands of students,

Dr. Saini and I started coming regularly once a week. Every Tuesday, we used to leave Saharanpur at 6 o’clock in the morning and by 8 o’ clock we would reach the Institute’s campus. From 9 o ‘clock onwards we used to run the OPD until the evening. My first meeting with Swami Rama took place six months later. Swami Ram was in USA. He arrived at Jolly Grant in 1993, sometimes in the October-November time frame. Dr. Saini, Neena, my elder son Akshay, and I came from Saharanpur to meet Swami Rama. Around 10 o’clockSwami Rama reached the campus from Rishikesh. From a distance of around 50 meters he saw me, and said loudly, “Son you have come! You start the work.” That was my screening test. I never asked what salary I would get. What would be my future? What would be my children’s future? Such thoughts did not occur to me at that time. But the mind can be very devious. After returning home, I started thinking, “I didn’t ask what my remuneration nor what would be my future and that of my children.” Such distressing thoughts now started crowding my mind. 

When I was struggling with these thoughts, I dreamt of Swami Rama around 4 a.m. the next morning. In my dream, he was addressing a gathering at a lecture-theater in the medical college, dressed in his maroon robe. I was also attending his lecture. While leaving after delivering his talk he came up to me, put his hand on my shoulders and asked me “Are you not coming?. I am constructing this hospital for you people”. I immediately woke up and told my wife about the dream, saying this is a call from him, we need to go. Believe me, at a notice of just 3 days, we shut down our private practice and got ready to leave Saharanpur. People I knew in Saharanpur started calling me mad. My parents were annoyed with me and went into state of shock. My brother who was managing the affair of my nursing home became jobless. I was at a cross-road and in a very confused state of mind. On one side I was being unfair to my parents and other family members; on the other hand, there was the call of destiny and my intense desire to work for Swami Rama and his mission. On 19th April 1994, we shifted to Jolly Grant.