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Holi is the day when Holika, who had the boon ...

  • Yogi Ashwini

—Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

Holi is the day when Holika, who had the boon to remain unscathed in fire, took Prahlad in her lap and sat in fire. Lord Vishnu came to Prahlad’s aid and as a result Holika burnt while Prahlad remained unharmed. The stories from Puranas appear to be mythological tales to a layman as the incidents described in them often refer to things that seem supernatural or surreal. Take for example the power to remain unscathed in fire or the invocation of energy called Vishnu.

Puranas are in fact chronicles of real events that occurred with our ancestors, who inhabited this planet many thousand years ago. These ancestors were not aliens or super-humans, they were humans like you and me, only they were able to tap into the phenomenal potential that a human being has. Majority of us, on the other hand, leave that force within us unused.

For most of us the world exists in these four dimensions, them being length, breath, depth and time (time being measured as the distance between two thoughts). Everything that we see, touch, smell, taste or hear, we define it in these four dimensions. Those who have been doing the practices of yog and sanatan kriya at Dhyan Ashram for some time now might be able to describe a sixth or a seventh dimension also. What if I was to tell you, that there actually are sixteen dimensions in creation and that a human being is equipped to perceive all these 16 dimensions?

Majority of us spend our life and birth in the experiences of five basic senses which are enough to satiate our basic needs and desires. A human being however has a total of sixteen senses and awakening of these senses is known as siddhis in yog. Just as the world appears black to a blind person while a person who can see would describe it in colours and light, in the same way the world appears the way it does to us because of non-activation of these senses and a person in whom the 6th, 7th or 8th sense is active would describe it very differently.

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