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Raymond has transitioned: Gautam Hari Singhania

Raymond has today transitioned to a more advanced digital ...

By Sanjeev Sharma

How has Raymond adapted to the new normal?

We have set together standard protocols and procedures at the stores, which give customers comfort and a safe shopping experience. For consumers who are hesitant to step out of their homes but yet were keen on buying products from us, we showcased them through video calls and this service received a good traction during the wedding season. Today at our 1,500+ stores, we follow stringent hygiene and each staff member has been trained to be compliant to these new working norms. Our stores are at the heart of our Omni channel service model. All products in stores are now available for customers to purchase through e-commerce platforms.

We clearly have moved away from conventional supply chains of manufacturing large volumes and distributing and stocking inventories way ahead in advance from the season. Today Raymond has transitioned to a more advanced Digital Value Chain based on demand side economy and adoption with agility. 

How is Raymond coping up with the second wave?

We are witnessing localised lockdown or curtailment of movement because of rising Covid cases. Presently, the situation is extremely dynamic. Hence, we have to wait and watch. Employee safety is paramount at Raymond ... We have our staff Working from Home. At some places, even manufacturing plants are shut, impacting the business. At most of our factories, over 90 per cent of the eligible staff has been vaccinated. Additionally, we also arranged for transportation facilities for our employee family members to travel to nearby vaccination camps. The situation seems dynamic and we will have to wait and watch as the situation is evolving.

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