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We are living in the toughest prolonged period of our lives ...

  • Sayantan Chakravarty

I believe our world desperately needs Good News.

—Rob Bell, American author and speaker

We are living in the toughest prolonged period of our lives. The pandemic has brought us down to earth, humbling us, mellowing us, and in some cases transforming us. It has taught us to be grateful for what we have, not being boastful of what we can do, and not predicting with certainty about what’ll happen in the future. None of us ever knew that our lives would be changed completely by a sinister, invisible virus whose measure we’re yet to have. And so after a year-and-a-half of being overwhelmed by disheartening news pouring in from around the world, some of them from family, friends and colleagues, we’ve realized that more than anything else we need a breath of fresh air, and a generous dose of good news.

The good news begins by an appreciation of the small things that are changing our lives every day. Good news is intended to simply make us feel better, possibly revitalize our being, and perhaps motivate us to be a better version of who we are. In this edition we’ve compiled a list of news which falls in this category, naming it Good News For and From India. Hope it makes you feel better.

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